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bdk|mint is proud to be Philadelphia's dealer of the world renowned furniture brand, Flou.

Flou is a brand that believes that each component of the sleeping space-- the supportive base of the bed, mattress, pillow, and duvet-- is essential to a restful and good night's sleep. All products are made to work harmoniously together to allow comfortable and restorative sleep.

Design should be aesthetic and functional. With Flou, you will soon discover how quality always stands the test of time.

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For over 30 years, Flou has focused on 'the culture of sleep'. Since its founding in 1978, Flou's objective has been to transform the bed into the best place for sleep, dreams and life. The very best Italian design is an essential ingredient in the Flou research: beds built to last, yet beds that can be transformed everyday.



A good night's sleep is an important contributor to good health and essential to improving the quality of life. Choose from a variety of mattresses designed to meet your comfort needs. 

Each mattress is produced to the required standards, following the latest technological innovations in materials, assembly, and production.

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