Condotti Dresser

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Design Emanuela Garbin e Mario Dell'Orto

Dressing table consisting of: side units in stripwood covered in leather, aluminum trim and joints in die-cast metal covered in leather; central part with flip-over top in MDF wood with santos-rosewood veneer and a mirror. The fl ip-over top is connected to the central part thanks to an aluminum mechanism which allows its rotation, facilitating the fl ip-over and slowing down the closing. The special veneering process is called ‘folding’ and this allows a single continuous sheet to be used on the upper part and on the front edge without interruptions. Extractable and sliding tray in steel covered in leather (the same color as the side units). The right side unit is complete with a door; the internal structure is black and there are two shelves covered in leather (the same color as the side units). Fitted to the door are two small trays in polished steel. The left side unit is complete with three total extraction drawers with matt black interior fi nish and return mechanism. Leather handles with chrome-plated structure.

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