Premium 100% Silk Green Short and Red - Girl Dol Hanbok Set - 4 Pieces

$ 450.00

Pieces include: 

  • 1 jacket (저고리)
  • 1 dress(치마)
  • 1 petticoat (속치마)
  • 1 underpants (고쟁이)

Top (저고리): Green Mobangdan Silk (모봉단) with white cuffs and blue bow, Bottom(치마): Red Mobangdan Silk (모봉단) with yellow lining

Additional Information: *Shipping takes 3-5 business days. Please order accordingly. *Our stock changes every few weeks. Feel free to check up on us regularly. *All of our dol boks (first year hanboks) include all pieces needed to complete the dol outfit. Hat, luck pouch, traditional socks, under pants, slip, jacket, and dress. *The photos are indicative of the actual product. The colors may look slightly different on different computers.

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