Real Clients 12/2011 at Ballroom at the Ben, Philadelphia, PA. Photo by Ethan Yang Photography.

Often times, we are asked, "Isn't the Paebaek only for the groom's side of the family?" In doing so, many of the bride's family members will opt out of participating in the ceremony. Yes, the Paebaek was traditionally only with the groom's family but NOT because the bride is not as "valued" for being a female or that the bride's side is not as respected. All of this is false! 

Here's the truth:

Traditionally, centuries ago, the groom would travel to the bride's hometown where the wedding ceremony would take place. All of the towns people were invited to eat and celebrate. The day after the wedding ceremony, the couple would travel to the groom's home to give the first formal introduction of the bride into the groom's family. THIS is the reason why only the groom's family was the only members present. 

Nowadays, we use the Paebaek to honor our culture and our families, especially our parents!