About Us


At bdk | mint, you will find the traditional Korean dress and outfits called "hanbok", services for the traditional Korean wedding custom called "Paebaek" and items for the home like bedding and furniture

As a third generation family business, we are very invested into each of our clients and projects. We are able to offer a wide range of services while still holding on to the personal one-on-one benefit of a small business.

bdk | mint is modeled after the traditional Korean wedding shop called "hon-lae-bang". We provide all items needed to complete the traditional wedding dowry items.

Traditionally, the bride would provide the hanboks for the groom's family and items for the home as part of her dowry. The groom would provide the hanboks for the bride's family. Although dowries are not as common today, the couple and their families will seek out bedding and furniture to help the bride and groom start their new home together.

bdk | mint was founded in 1985 in Philadelphia.


Your experience with bdk|mint

Helping to carry on our Korean heritage from generation to generation is a real passion for us. With everything we do, we aim to bring authenticity into our work. We keep the tradition alive while keeping in mind the current styles and trends. We make sure that the entire process is enjoyable for all.

Each year, we re-evaluate our work, process, and program and make continuous improvements as required. We strive to give 110% to all of our clients!

We are a mother-daughter team and proud to be a third-generation family business. We hope to extend our love to all of those who come through our doors!