BDK|MINT. HIGH QUALITY, CUSTOM-MADE to fit you. made right in our shop in philadelphia. 맞춤형 최고급 한복 전문점.

Hanboks at bdkmint are made with our own two hands

And, we are ready to design your hanbok

Hanboks can be worn at weddings, special events, birthdays, and more. Did you know that we make all of our Hanboks, the Korean traditional dress, in our humble little shop in Philadelphia? When you come in for a consultation, all of the silk fabrics we use are in our showroom for you to see in person leaving no questions about the quality of the material. Our owner and designer, Jeoung, helps you select the perfect color and design with her deep understanding of the Hanbok. Imagine how much she knows since she makes all of her Hanboks herself. All of our hanboks are made with 100% silk fabrics from Korea right in our shop. And, because of this ability, we can guarantee that your Hanbok will fit you perfectly, as it should. This is what makes our Hanboks a truly custom-made Hanbok. Each and every line is meticulously made with love and care. When a Hanbok is made to fit your body and your style, it guarantees comfort and beauty. Here at BDK MINT, we meld luxury, elegance, and palettes of beautiful colors to create your hanbok. Adorn yourself in a truly custom-made hanbok made just for you.

"한복에 사람을 맞추는게 아니고 사람에 한복을 맞춰야한다." -김정은 디자이너

Visit the BDK MINT Hanbok Gallery.

Services we offer (but are not limited to) include:

          • Custom-made 100% silk hanbok
          • Custom-made modern hanbok
          • Custom rental hanbok
          • "Repurposed" hanbok - Repurpose your old chi-ma and get a new juh-go-ri
          • Baby and kid hanbok
          • Hanbok repair and alteration

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