When we think of Korean wedding, the first thing that pops in our minds is the Paebaek ceremony. Although this practice is a wedding tradition, the actual wedding ceremony is called Juhn-tong-hon-lae (전통혼례). The ceremony would take place in the bride's hometown with all of the town's people invited. This ceremony signified the groom's promise to the bride's parents that he would stay steadfast to their daughter. The groom would take the hand-carved geese with him. As he would spend time carving the wooden geese, he would meditate on his love for his new wife-to-be. After the wedding ceremony, the couple would travel to the groom's home to formally induct the bride into the groom's family. This tradition is what we know as Paebaek.

We are so excited to finally share Kay and Moon's Korean wedding! Kay and Moon had their Juhn-tong-hon-lae in the beautiful town of Skippack at Tokyo Restaurant. You will notice that the groom enters with his face covered and his "geese father" following in behind him.

Without further ado, here are some beautiful images from Bora Yom Photography.