One of our lovely clients has shared with us some photos from her daughter's wedding this past weekend - "Please feel free to share my photos as I have received so many compliments about my hanbok! ...My daughter continually told me how beautiful I looked." So we couldn't wait to share it with you!

The first photo is a shot of the hanbok from our showroom followed by photos from our client.

This mother is one of our repeat clients who decided to use her chi-ma (dress) from her son's wedding last year and combine it with a new juh-go-ri for her daughter's wedding this year.

Her chi-ma is made of the high grade silk called "myoung-ju". Myoung-ju provides a beautiful shine. Her juh-go-ri (top) is made of high grade silk completed with myoung-ju sleeve cuffs. Often times, many think that the more embroideries there are, the better, but simplicity also has its own luxurious appeal. Our hanboks come complete with a matching handbag.

We must say that the best part of this job is exactly this.. when client's leave our shop happy and satisfied. Thank you for sharing your photos with us!


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김정은 디자이너/Jeoung Kim, Creative Director/CEO/Owner of BDKMINT