Last week we spoke about how one of our clients switched up her hanbok dress (chi-ma) to wear to two different events. This week we're showing you just one example of how to wear one dress with multiple tops (juh-go-ri) to create a new look. 

When you wear a juh-go-ri, the look is more traditional, but come reception time, simply remove the juh-go-ri and switch it out for a bolero, and you're ready to party!


1. This seemingly normal traditional hanbok is actually a modern hanbok in disguise. 

2. This is how it looks with the juh-go-ri.

3. The juh-go-ri is completed with gyut-mah-gi (곁마기) which gives a thinner silhouette. 

4. You can see that the mal-gi (the embroidered part of the chima) is slightly showing.

5. When you change out of the juh-go-ri, this seemingly traditional style hanbok becomes a modern hanbok.