HANBOK VESTS January 14, 2013 18:36

Introducing our handmade, hand-stitched hanbok vests. Tired of your hanbok? Just throw one of these beauties on top of your hanbok juh-go-ri and it will make your hanbok look drastically different!


STRIPED SLEEVE HANBOK October 26, 2012 19:13

Many brides prefer the more plainer designs than the striped sleeves, however the striped sleeve shows off your youthfulness. Each color is a different fabric put together by hand. It is definitely a luxurious piece that most overlook.


There are more modern variations for which our company is well known. We keep the traditional line of the hanbok (considering the trends) with modern color variations to create our exquisite hanboks.


HANDMADE BEAUTIES September 21, 2012 19:03

Our new norigaes are in! Even if you are not familiar with these, you cannot deny their charm! These beautiful pieces are used to accessorize the hanbok. Each one is hand crafted. Norigaes also serve as great decorative pieces. Not all of the pieces are up here but definitely visit us to see for yourself how exquisite they are. :)

By the way, please excuse our apearance as we are still trying to put together the rest of our blog! 

새로운 노리개가 들어왔습니다! 노리개 잘 몰으시는 분들도 저희 노리개의 아름다움을 인정을 안 할수가 없죠! 양장 입었을때 귀걸이랑 목걸이 하는듯이 한복을 입었을때 노리개를 한답니다. 새로 들어온 노리개 다 블로그에 올리진 않았지만 직접 저희 쇼룸에 오셔서 구경하세요~ ^^





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