Custom-made Korean Traditional Outfits - Hanboks

Making custom-made hanboks, the Korean traditional dress worn at weddings, special events, and birthdays, is our specialty since 1985. All of our hanboks are made by hand, on-premises by our chief designer and owner. When a hanbok is made to fit your body and your style it guarantees comfort and beauty. Here at bdk | mint, we meld luxury, elegance, and palettes of beautiful colors to create your hanbok. Our team travels to all places around the world to keep up with current trends which highly influences our style. Adorn yourself in a true custom-made hanbok made just for you.


"한복에 사람을 맞추는게 아니고 사람에 한복을 맞춰야한다." -김정은 디자이너


Book your hanbok consultation here: online consultation or face-to-face consultation. All of our hanboks are made on-premises with 100% high quality silks. For more information or to book an appointment, please call us at 215-782-2222 or email us at












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