Comforter Set - 3 pcs. - Piano - Beige / Blue

$ 395.00

You will never find a blanket as soft as this. It feels smooth and cool to the touch. This is slightly thicker than the usual summer comforters-- perfect for those who have the air conditioning low! 

Set includes comforter and two pillow cases. Twin size sets include one pillow case.

  • Machine washable in cold water and tumble dry in low temperature. Tip: During the drying process, you will notice that the outer part is dryer than the inner part. After every 5-7 minutes, make sure to move the inner part out so that it dries evenly. This will extend the life of this comforter.
  • This comforter dries very quickly so no need for the full dry cycle
  • No shifting of the insides during wash/cleaning
  • Exterior: 100% Semi X-Allergy; Interior: Dacron