Hanbok - Nora - Girl Dol Hanbok Set - 6 Pieces

$ 300.00

PRE-ORDER ITEM (lead time is 3-4 weeks)

Introducing the Sunset Glow First Birthday Ensemble, a stunning tribute to the warmth and joy of your little one's first year. This exquisite ensemble captures the heart of celebration with its vibrant orange-pink top, delicately enhanced with gold foiling to reflect the precious moments of joy and happiness. Let the festivities begin under the auspicious glow of their bright future. Order now to embrace the beauty of the moment in style and grace.

Pieces include: 

  • 1 jacket (저고리)
  • 1 dress(치마)
  • 1 hat (조바위)
  • 1 petticoat (속치마)
  • 1 traditional socks (버선)
  • 1 luck pouch (복주머니)

Top (저고리): Dang-ee (당의) style in orange-pink with gold stampings, two-tone go-reum (고름) in orange-pink and beige, Bottom (치마):Beige two-tier dress

Additional Information: *Shipping takes 3-5 business days. Please order accordingly. *Our stock changes every few weeks. Feel free to check up on us regularly. *All of our dol boks (first year hanboks) include all pieces needed to complete the dol outfit. Hat, luck pouch, traditional socks, under pants, slip, jacket, and dress. *The photos are indicative of the actual product. The colors may look slightly different on different computers.