Piazza Duomo


Design Giulio Manzoni, 2013

This is the perfect combination of sofa and bed; Piazza Duomo provides versatile solutions for the problems of space with a dash of contemporary elegance.

A new living concept that demonstrates how easy it is to convert the lounge into a bedroom, with a product that is not the traditionally classic sofa-bed, but a sofa that can be easily transformed into a single or double-size bed and in the same way it returns to the original position.

Single bed: this is revealed by pulling the handle fitted at the center of the base: the seat moves forward slightly, the seat covers are removed and the bed can be made-up with sheets and duvet cover; or the sheets can be placed over the sofa seat covers.

Double-size bed: this is revealed by pulling the handle gently outwards: the seat moves forward and thanks to a patented mechanical device, the backrest drops-down and a comfortable ready-to-use double-size bed is formed.

Piazza Duomo is available in three versions: without armrests, with one armrest and with two armrests.

The version with two armrests is also available as sofa only, that cannot be transformed into a bed.

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