Design Massimo Castagna, 2018

This modular sofa introduces a concept of dynamic and multifunctional use, ideal for today’s lifestyles.
It consists of basic elements (4 seat units, 1 armrest, and 6 backrests) that can be freely arranged to create multiple seating systems and endless custom designs.
The mobile backrests are not anchored, but have an efficacious ballast mechanism that guarantees firm support. They provide freedom of movement and the same degree of comfort for people of different statures.
The depth of the elements allows the creation of double-faced seating, as well as its use as a chaise-longue or a comfortable bed.
The aesthetics are enhanced by matching the base, armrest, and cushion covers in a range of colours and patterns.
The seat cover is available in two versions: with wide or thick rectangular quilting.

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