Super Soft and Cozy 100% Modal Cotton Korean Bedding Set - Ellie Yellow

$ 474.00

Transform your bedroom into a floral haven with our Korean-made Bedding Set, adorned with delicate flowers that evoke a sense of tranquility and charm. Crafted from 100% Modal Cotton, this bedding set is not just an indulgence for the senses but a celebration of comfort and style.

Pillow inserts also available.

  • Twin: 2 pcs. / Queen 3 pcs. / King 3 pcs.
    2 zipper-enclosed pillowcase (twin size, 1 pillowcase)
    1 comforter (guaranteed no shifting of the inside)
  • 100% Modal Cotton
  • Thickness: Light to Medium
  • All sizes are custom-made to US sizes
  • Machine wash cold/warm; low-tumble dry (tip: every 5-10 minutes, grab the inner part and move it to the outer part so that it evenly dries)
  • Made in Korea

Note: All bedding is made-to-order. Lead time is 2-4 weeks.