Hypoallergenic Pillow - Wellness Vitasan by Hefel

$ 100.00 $ 172.00

The specially developed 4-hole Vitasan hollow fiber used in the Wellness Vitasan pillow provides effective protection against every type of allergy. The fibers are impregnated with a substance that actively prevents the spread of house dust mites, bacteria and funguses. It also curtails the living space of existing microorganisms by disrupting their food supply.

  • Permanent active protection against house dust mites, bacteria & funguses
  • Filling fibers are impregnated with the active ingredient which remains effective even after repeated washing
  • Machine washable
  • Zipper fastener

Fabric: 100% cotton satin

Filling: Vitasan 4-hole PES hollow fiber (cuts off bacteria food supply)

Size: 20" x 30" (standard queen pillow)