Bdk | mint recently had the opportunity to experience our first ever hanbok photo shoot. 

To welcome in the cooler weather, designer and owner of bdk | mint, Kim Jeoung Eun, embraces the season with beautiful hanboks featuring the colors and motifs of fall. 

This beautiful women's hanbok (above) is made of 100% silk fabrics. Free flowing panels of different colors make up the dress and the sheer top features the current trend of placing embroidered patches onto the juh-go-ri.


The more classic style hanbok above features a longer jacket called dang-ee. The hanbok is decorated by silver stampings on both the dang-ee and bottom of the dress. The dangee has additional silver embroidery patches on both shoulders, front, and back. This dress also has the varying colored panels covered with a sheer gray fabric for a subtle pop of color.

The men's hanbok, pictured above, consists of three parts: juh-go-ri, pants, and the vest. The vest has patches of embroidery on the front and back.  

//Hanbok Design + Creation//
김정은 디자이너/Jeoung Kim, Creative Director/CEO/Owner of BDKMINT 

//Hanbok Accessories//

Susan Nam

//Make-Up + Hair//
Jasmin Rhee

El Kim, Jinyoung Park, Jessica Kim